Guidance on Preparation of Papers


  1. Types of Papers
  • Papers for the Conference submitted in advance by States/Administrations and International Organizations are classified as either “Discussion Papers” or “Information Papers”.
  • Discussion Papers (DP) deal with substantive matters that are intended to be raised at the Conference under the Agenda Items listed in the Provisional Agenda, provided in the Conference website. Since the Provisional Agenda may be changed, all papers received will be accommodated under appropriate items of the final Agenda.
  • Information Papers (IP) are intended to inform the Conference about trends and developments occurring within States/Administrations, or they deal with innovative policy issues and technological advancements of interest to States/Administrations. Some Information Papers explain progress in promoting ICAO policies and/or provision

Note: On exceptional basis, depending upon the nature of the matters raised and the amount of time available, after the presentation of all Discussion Papers some opportunities may arise for presentation of selected Information Papers if agreed by the Conference.

  1. Content of Papers
  • Discussion and Information Paper should include:

–  A summary block of about 8 lines to describe the essence of the paper;

–  Main body;

–  Executive Summary (for DPs only) of about one-half page length.

  • The main body of the DP should include: a) a concise introduction; b) one or more discussion sections on the matter(s) raised; and c) a section on “Action by the Conference” inviting the Conference to note the contents of the paper and consider appropriate actions.
  • The IP should conclude with “Action by the Conference” inviting the Conference to note the information contained in the paper.

Note: Authors of DPs are strongly encouraged to prepare Executive Summary which will facilitate adequate coverage of the main issues and proposals raised in the paper in the Conference Report.

  1. Format of Papers
  • It is strongly recommended that papers should be not more than six (6) pages. Papers should be submitted in electronic form using MS Word format to allow the Secretariat to do the final formatting. Attachments to papers that are not supposed to be edited by the Secretariat could be submitted in Adobe Acrobat (pdf) format. The overall file size of each paper together with any attachments should be optimized for easy download from the websit
  • Papers should be prepared using the pre-formatted templates provided in the Conference website.
  • The style specifications are as follows:
Font: Times New Roman
Size: 11 points
Data processing format: MS Word (.doc)
  1. Submission of Papers and publishing on the website

States/Administrations and International Organizations are urged to submit their papers at the earliest possible convenience but not later than 21 September 2018.

The papers should be sent as e-mail attachment to the ICAO Regional Office for Asia and Pacific and copied to the Host State on the following addresses:

Timely distribution of the papers is particularly important in the case of Discussion Papers so that the matters raised can be given due consideration by the delegates. All papers received by the specified deadline will be posted in pdf format on the website established by the Host State for the purpose of this Confer  Every effort is made by the Host Organizing Committee and the Secretariat to make papers available to participating delegates prior to the Conference.

The Directors General of Civil Aviation, during the 42nd Conference decided that no papers should be accepted after the deadline of two weeks prior to the commencement of the Conferenc This procedure must be strictly followed, unless an event, which takes place within that timeframe, needs to be brought to the attention of the Conference, on exceptional basis.

On the question of selection of papers, the Directors General of Civil Aviation, during the 42nd Conference also decided that it should be left to the ICAO Regional Offi The Regional Office would select papers for presentation bearing in mind the time allocated to each session. Only Discussion Papers would be taken up for presentation while the Information Papers, which often provide valuable materials, should continue to be encouraged, but only for the information of delegations.

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