55th DGCA Conference Agenda

55th Conference of Directors General of Civil Aviation
Asia and Pacific Region
22 – 26 October 2018
Denarau Island, Nadi, Fiji
Agenda Item 1: Theme Topic – “Collaboration and Harmonisation for Safe, Secure and Sustainable Aviation in the Asia Pacific Region”
Agenda Item 2: Review of Action Items arising from the previous Conference
Agenda Item 3: Aviation Safety
Agenda Item 4: Air Navigation
Agenda Item 5: Aviation Security and Facilitation
Agenda Item 6: Economic Development of Air Transport
Agenda Item 7: Aviation and Environment
Agenda Item 8: Technical and Regional Cooperation
Agenda Item 9a: Beijing Declaration Commitments
Agenda Item 9b: Updates from ICAO and Partners
Agenda Item 10: Workshop on AIS to AIM Transition Challenges (incorporates ‘AIM for Executives’ Session)
Agenda Item 11: Other Business
a)     Theme Topic for the forthcoming Conference of DGCAs
b)     Endorsement of Action Items arising from the present Conference
c)     Any Other Matters
– END –

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